Monday, April 29, 2013

Blog Entry #10

In this week of classes we had two guest speakers talk about the folktales and legends from two different cultures. The first guest speaker Dr. Ochieng' discussed Kenyan folktales and Dr.Alles talked about the legends and myths of the Adivais in India. They were had fascinating ways of teaching us about the two cultures. I could listen to Dr. Ochieng tell stories for hours. The stories he had were from Kenya and he told stories that he had heard himself from his very own village. These folktales are very similar to the Native Americans stories we have discussed in class. Most of them were about how things were made or how things came to be. One story that stuck out in my mind was the monkey and the shark and this is why you never see monkeys near sharks. Dr. Ochieng was one of the best story tellers I have ever heard. He was very enthusiastic and even had very good skills at playing the drum. It was interesting how every persons name has a meaning and you learn something from someone just by hearing their name.  When learning about the legends of Adivais, Dr Alles had translated multiple stories from them. It was very difficult to even understand what these stories actually meant. It was impressive that Dr. Alles was able to translate these stories. He had many friends from India and it was great to learn about his several trips he had visiting there.
      It was very intriguing learning about these two cultures and there legends and folktales. Dr. Alles and Dr. Ochieng were both very knowledgable on these two subjects. Telling stories is very important in both cultures and they explain different morals and beliefs that they still practice today.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Stories Being Told At Campfire

Camp Fire or Fire has a great meaning in Native American Culture. Campfire can mean an overnight stop or story time. Fire can mean a cleansing or renewal of a spirit. Native Americans have many symbols not only in there stories but symbols that can be drawn to show the importance of there culture.

Blog Entry #9

Native American stories are stories that are passed down generation from generation. They are very unique because when written on paper, they are word for word when the story was orally told. These stories are typically passed down orally from the leader or chief of different tribes or nations. They have meaning of truth, when one of the storytellers passes a story on, it is typically about of dream and the Native American people take these stories very literally. When looking at European origins they are similar to Native American stories because they are passed down, and have different morals and meanings. One thing that is unique about the Native American stories is that a lot of them are about how things were made to be. For example, the story we discussed in class, How Men and Women Got Together. This story is very similar to Adam and Eve and how people started learning about the opposite sex. For me personally, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these Native American stories, because they were so different. While reading these tales it made me feel like I was lost in the story, the same as watching a movie at the movie theatre. I like how when theses stories are transformed into a hard copy or put on paper they are just like how they were orally shared. The Native American tales have not only morals but they teach children, and even remind of adults of who there ancestors are how they got to be where they are now. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eminem: Cinderella Man

Blog Entry #8

Tyler Lloyd
Blog Entry #8

Pretty Woman is a classic film that based on the fairy tale Cinderella. It is about a woman (Julia Roberts) that is struggling through life to try and earn a dollar. She pursues to take on prostitution and one night meets the man of her dreams who is a hard working, very wealthy lawyer. They get to know each other and live happily ever after. This “rags to riches” story is a good one and portrays the story of Cinderella that everyone knows.
            You hear of real life Cinderella stories happening everywhere all over the world. Whether it is a story about a person that had struggles as a child and makes it into a professional sport or a child to be the first to go to college and make a lot of money in a family. It may not be real magic or, marriage, but it is special things and it may seem or feel like magic. It is real and happens to many lucky people. The plot of the movie Pretty Woman can happen, but is a very exaggerated version of real life stories.