Monday, May 13, 2013

Final Blog #12

This semester was an adventure that discovered all of the functions, myths, and meanings of numerous fairy tales. We learned the differences of fairy tales throughout various cultures. It was fascinating going back to my childhood and learning the true meanings of what was already thought to be established. Personally, I had no clue that fairy tales had such a deep meaning, taking people into there own unconscious. After learning how to interpret and analyze fairy tales I will be able to view these tales like the lay person would have a difficult time doing. Being a senior, out of all of the classes I have taken at McDaniel this course was easily one of the most fascinating. The readings and books required for this class were great. They were very interesting topics. Sometimes it got difficult taking all of the different meanings of each fairy tale into account. Overall, I would recommend this class to anyone. The guest speakers were perfect, they all had great topics and shared an abundance of interesting information. I would like to say thank you to Dr Esa for sharing your wealth of knowledge about fairy tales.

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