Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Entry #8

Tyler Lloyd
Blog Entry #8

Pretty Woman is a classic film that based on the fairy tale Cinderella. It is about a woman (Julia Roberts) that is struggling through life to try and earn a dollar. She pursues to take on prostitution and one night meets the man of her dreams who is a hard working, very wealthy lawyer. They get to know each other and live happily ever after. This “rags to riches” story is a good one and portrays the story of Cinderella that everyone knows.
            You hear of real life Cinderella stories happening everywhere all over the world. Whether it is a story about a person that had struggles as a child and makes it into a professional sport or a child to be the first to go to college and make a lot of money in a family. It may not be real magic or, marriage, but it is special things and it may seem or feel like magic. It is real and happens to many lucky people. The plot of the movie Pretty Woman can happen, but is a very exaggerated version of real life stories. 

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