Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Unconscious

Blog Entry #5
Tyler Lloyd

When reading, watching, listening to fairy tales you cannot thoroughly enjoy them without having an imagination. Fairy tales and the Jungian psychoanalysis meet when discussing things about the unconscious. Everyone’s first reaction or gut reaction is to see the hero or villain over come his or her troubles through human based qualities. With fairy tales it forces the audiences to come to terms with the unconscious and transform its detailed structures to consciousness. Individuals must modify there unconscious and bring forth there ego-conscious. Dr.Mazeroff’s iceberg model is an easy way to relate this Jungian theory to fairy tales. At the top, the conscious level, those are the things we automatically think. At the bottom of the iceberg, the unconscious level, this is where fairy tales come into place. When we enter our unconscious we display our selfish needs, violent motives, and shameful experiences, etcWhen hearing or reading fairy tales we almost always enter this realm of the unconscious after reading the title. Fairy tales bring forth symbols that have specific meanings that relate to all of us. When examining these symbols we must wrap our minds around what these things really mean.

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