Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blog Entry #7 Bluebeard

The tale of Bluebeard is one that is dark and with almost a scary plot. I enjoyed reading all versions of Bluebeard. This story is one that would be difficult for Disney to make a children’s version of due to it bland but mysterious plot. It can be frightening to think that a wife knowing her husband so well, but really not at all. My favorite version of the Bluebeard tales is Charles Perrault’s story known as Bluebeard. At the beginning of this tale, Bluebeard who is very wealthy comes across as a very kind loving person who asks a beautiful girl for his hand in marriage. I like how Perrault portrays him as such a kind man. Little does the wife know, he has his very dark secrets. I also like the ending how the her brothers come to her rescue and take the life of Bluebeard. Out of the versions of Bluebeard, this one was my favorite, but out of all the stories we have read in class Bluebeard is my least favorite. It is a very straightforward tale and does not have a lot of twists and action. Bluebeard makes me think of a simplistic horror film with no juicy things to it. 

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