Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Entry #6

Blog Entry #6 
Tyler Lloyd 

In the music video that Rammstein performs they use symbols and motives that evolve around the fairy tale Snow White. It is not the typical story of Snow White that people are familiar with. In some ways it is similar and in many ways it is different. Most people remember  Snow White in need of a home or shelter to get away from her evil step mother, in Rammstein’s case it is the gold she is in need for. Snow White is portrayed as a gold addict and uses the gold as a drug that the band members or ‘seven dwarves’ mine throughout the video. Throughout the video if Snow White does not get her fix of gold she punishes the ‘seven dwarves’ but when she does get her gold she rewards the ‘dwarves’ in favors such as letting them comb her hair. Just as Snow White is in need of her drug or gold the ‘dwarves’ are just as much in need of her comfort and love. In the end the ‘dwarves’ return home and find their love in a bath tub which she has overdosed in. Just like in the Snow White versions we have read in class, they place her in a class casket and take her to the top of the mountain. Snow White comes back to life in the classic versions and in the Rammstein video. Snow White comes back to life when an apple falls from a tree and saves her life rather than taking her life in other versions from the evil stepmother. 
Personally, I enjoy the classic versions of Snow White, such as Grimm’s and Disney’s versions. The Rammstein video has a different meaning behind it other than Snow White. The band had a very modernized version of Snow White which was slightly far-fetched for my liking. It was an interesting video to watch and had different meanings behind it than the actual Snow White itself. 

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