Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blog Entry #4

Box Tree Studio

This cartoon of Little Red Riding Hood was the typical children story with the main moral not to talk to strangers. Little Red Riding Hood was sent along her was to get some things for her grandmother and was told not to talk to anyone along the way. Like most tales, the wolf,who was a cute little wolf in this cartoon, approached her as she was picking flowers. The wolf found out that she was heading to her grandmothers house and since the wolf knew the forest well, he took a shortcut to the house. He gobbled up Little Red’s grandmother and waited for her to show up. After Little Red Riding Hood came to the house and realized that her grandmother was a wolf, she ran out of the house. Unlike most tales of Little Red Riding Hood, this cartoon had a woodcutter who was a man save both Little Red Riding Hood. He also saved the grandmother by tackling the wolf and she popped out, yet a bit smelly.
This social cartoon of Little Red Riding Hood was mainly for the children audience. It was not graphic and the wolf did not have an intimidating look. I did find it interesting that is had the male or the woodcutter save not one, but both of the females in this story. This is one of the only versions of Little Red Riding Hood that had a man involved to save Red and her grandmother. The Story of Grandmother and Charles Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood, and most others had Little Red Riding Hood find a was to trick the wolf and get away or the wolf gobbling her up in the end.

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