Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Entry #2

Fairy tales and folk tales have been around for thousands of years. They are stories that have imaginary and magical beings or lands. These tales are made up from experiences or dreams from where they have been originated. Fairy tales have enchanted not only children but also adults from around the world. Each tale has different motifs and meanings that individuals can relate to or identify with. They teach us lessons early in life how to contrast between good and bad or the hero and the villain. There is no single answer of who a person will relate too, it is not always the hero. Fairy tales are full of magic and fantasy. These imaginary plots and magical characters educate children about different morals or hardships that they may encounter at some point in life. Looking deeper into fairy tales, adults can examine and learn about some of the different abstract meanings of these tales. People can identify with fairy tales from all around the world, such as the concept of love, or to respect your elders. 

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